The Cabinetry Shediac, Moncton & Surrounding Areas Prefers is at Cabinet Specialty!

Cabinets & Storage Solutions:

Cabinets are not only useful, they also make a statement and leave a strong impression of warmth and a polished, coordinated home. We use products from Glenwood Kitchen Ltd., such as cabinets, counter tops, and many storage features and accessories, including sliding shelves, pull-out pantries, spice racks and waste bins, roll-out trays, lazy susans, and appliance garages. In fact, you’ll find an endless list of items that can be added to your cabinetry to increase convenience and functionality.


Cabinet Specialty uses products that are as durable as they are beautiful. From Corian® solid surfaces to Richelieu hardware, we use brands that are both innovative and practical. Space in your home is a precious commodity, and these products help your room breathe. They include:
Zodiaq® by DuPont™
Corian® by DuPont™

Our Services:

At Cabinet Specialty, we design to your specifications using Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) drawings. We’ll always meet with you to go over the design, because you’re the beginning, middle and end of the design process.

Additional Items:

● Cabinetry
   – Kitchen & Bath
● Hardware
    – Hinges
    – Slides
    – Knobs
    – Pulls
● Walk-in closets
● Vanity & kitchen counter tops
    – Laminate
    – Granite
    – Zodiaq®
    – Corian®
    – Solid tops
● Storage features & accessories
   – Sliding shelves
   – Pull-out pantries
   – Lazy Susans
   – Appliance garages
   – Pull-out waste bins
   – Roll-out trays
   – Pull-out spice racks

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